McCarthy's Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar

Experience a taste of Ireland and the British Isles at Bethlehem's Celtic Pub and Restaurant.

Experience a taste of Ireland and the British Isles at Bethlehem's Celtic Pub and Whiskey Bar. With authentic Irish and British Isles food made from scratch, a full bar, an extensive Irish and Scottish whisky menu, and a family-friendly atmosphere, McCarthy's is the place for a true Celtic experience in the Lehigh Valley.

Homemade Blaas Rolls from our Pastry Chef, Katie Michael!

So excited for the new year at McCarthy's! New menu rolls out Tuesday with some awesome specials to follow! Homemade blaas (Irish rolls) from our awesome pastry chef, Katie Michael! Scotch eggs, home made potato chips, pulled turkey Bbq, Irish meatballs, wild boar sausage and much much more! Come check it out! – Chef Jill Oman


What is a Blaas Roll?

For McCarthy's it is our take on the EU protected Waterford blaa roll. One of the few unique products to Ireland to be granted EU protected status. But, what is a blaa? A bored sheep, perhaps? An overly dramatic teenager, maybe? Nope. 

We all know that real Champagne only comes from the Champagne region of France, hence, other vineyards only make sparkling wine, not champagne. Ireland has been slow to get its unique products protected in this way*, but the humble Waterford Blaa is now one of Ireland’s unique food products.

Well, what is a blaa? Well, it’s a type of soft bread roll or bap unique to Co. Waterford. A blaa is about the size of a saucer, and finished with a dusting of flour. With a nice crusty top, it’s perfect for making a sandwich. The name is derived from either the French word blaad, for leftover dough, or blanc, for white (referring to the flour). The roll came with French Hugenot settlers in the late 1600s, and it is claimed that white flour may have been largely unknown in Ireland at this point. The blaa is baked without artificial ingredients, thus it doesn’t travel far — although hardy Waterford ex-pats have been known to have frozen blaas shipped overseas to satisfy their hunger. The term blaa has come to be a feature of Waterford life, serving as a slang term for money, as well as carrying numerous other meanings in different contexts.

Thanks to the newly created prep kitchen and bakery space McCarthy's providing us with much needed space, we will be making Blaas rolls on a daily basis!

We will be using them for everything from our fry-ups to rolls for our banger/bacon
butty's, burgers and melts. We've worked hard to recreate the authentic texture and taste of the original rolls, and hope that you will be stopping in soon to have a taste! 

*Other Irish foods granted protected status by the EU are: Connemara Hill Lamb, Lough Neagh Eels, Clare Island Salmon, Timoleague Brown Pudding, and Imokilly Regato Cheese.