McCarthy's Red Stag Pub and Whiskey Bar

Experience a taste of Ireland and the British Isles at Bethlehem's Celtic Pub and Restaurant.

Experience a taste of Ireland and the British Isles at Bethlehem's Celtic Pub and Whiskey Bar. With authentic Irish and British Isles food made from scratch, a full bar, an extensive Irish and Scottish whisky menu, and a family-friendly atmosphere, McCarthy's is the place for a true Celtic experience in the Lehigh Valley.

Patty-O Doggie Special

During the times when the Patty-O is open, we welcome well-behaved pups of all sizes to enjoy dining with their humans. 

Neville and his Glen of Imaal Irish Terriers, Cormac and Fergus McCarthy

While we welcome pups to our Patty-O dining area, we ask that all pups their humans please be respectful of the rules below so that we can continue to do so:

1. Please do not place your dog, even a small one, on the table, in your lap or on a chair. (Because the Health Department says so...)

2. Avoid the three B's: Begging, Barking & Biting

3. Your pup can't eat off your plate or drink from your glass. We have special bowls just for them. Vice versa, you cannot eat off their bowls either...

4. Your Red Stag Pub server is not allowed to touch your dog while working – nothing personal! (Again, Health Department).

5. Dogs must be kept on a leash and be within reach of their owner/human at all times.

6. With the exception of service dogs, dogs are not allowed inside the restaurant.

Katie, our Executive Pastry Chef and a Front of House manager, and Lucius

Doggie Plates!

• Complimentary Bowl of Water
• Grilled Hamburger Patty
& White Rice 6.0
• Grilled Chicken & White Rice 6.0
• Plain White Rice 2.0